If Bees Made Money They'd Buy Their Own Honey.

That thing where the Pam cooking spray backfires and shoots a mist of oily, greasy, pam coating directly into your freshly washed hair??

I’ve been Pammed!!!

That thing where the people having the party take all your left over food and put it in their dishes so you cant take it home when you leave with your pan??


Also, my sister burnt the meatloaf. Who burns meatloaf? Tasted like an old shoe.

I brought a lemon meringue pie, they brought a lemon meringue pie. I told them I was bringing a lemon meringue pie. (i knew this would happen..i planted the seed in their brain) I now hate lemon meringue pie!!

Hap-pay Easter!

Happy Easter to all the Misses and Meesters. Hey, it’s early, that’s all I got. No really, that’s all I got. Easter bunny didn’t come here. Good thing I bought myself that secret stash bag of Robin’s Eggs! Bawk Bawk!

Now I have to make cheezy potatoes, because it is food..and food is love..and who doesn’t love cheezy potatoes?? Also, there’s a party at Granny’s and they asked me to bring cheezy potatoes.

I had planned on having an Easter Egg hunt there, but everybody is old and nobody wants to participate. I bet if I hid beer in the yard instead, they’d all play!!

Have a happy day! It’s going to be in the 70’s here. And I hope the Easter Bunny brought you some cheezy potatoes…cause I’m not going to!!

My Boy lost his cell phone after partying heartily, for his birthday, during the weekend. I thought to myself “why you gotta party so hard”?

…And then I remembered who his mother is.

What are you lookin at?!

TBT~ Oh, you know, just me and Cat/Yusef, whatever.

TBT~ Oh, you know, just me and Cat/Yusef, whatever.

Things That Kinda Sorta Bug Me

Home Edition:

Like, am I the only one who can clean the bathtub?? I swear, if it weren’t for me, soap scum would pile up into a big, white, solid, rectangle of cake-e-ness that people would have to step up upon to take their showers. Meh, kinda sounds like fun. Scratch cleaning bathtub off my list.

Our fridge has little vents, towards the back, that can’t be blocked or else food freezes in the crisper. I train people, on a daily basis, about this refrigerator rule and the TRAGIC consequences should these tiny holes be compromised. Yet, you guessed it. Every. Damn. Day. And the half-empty beer cans in there? Seriously?? Half empty? Man up and drink the whole thing!

Who left the baked squash out??

Yeah, I know, right? This is my life…

When life gives you snow, make a snow angel.

I’ll just be here,… inside,…  watching you from the window!

I hear Wednesday~

The sound of wood chippers humming in the neighborhood.

The UPS truck. (are they all made without mufflers??)

Starlings making that chucking sound they make. They’rrre back!

The sound of everyone freaking out over the internet bleeding all over the place or something, something, something. I don’t know, I don’t get it.

Footsteps walking away. (that’s me)

Here’s some things that float around in my head

I like things that are different.  It makes me *crazy* when my neighbors copy things that I have done. Get an idea of your own!! ( also get off my lawn)

I hate getting old. Nothing on the outside matches anything on the inside. I will fight this with everything I have. Note to self: Must get more face lotion.

I crack myself up several times a day. If this is not normal, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.

Remember that one time I cleaned out my hairbrush and left the hair clump on my desk? Yeah, scared the hell outa me!!

Also, Hey, the golf course is open. Why do they yell “fore”, and not five??

I have Bud, in a can, in the refrigerator. Can you hear him screaming?

Okay, I’m done ( i may or may not have cracked myself up while writing one of these)

Today my laundry will smell like Spring & Renewal. I never knew you could smell renewal.

Man, I can’t wait!!