If Bees Made Money They'd Buy Their Own Honey.

Do you ever lose the urge to call your mom? Even though you know she’s gone?? I get this feeling at least five times a day.

Still tying up lose ends. We pick out the monument Thursday. I am a little too excited about this. All those years that my dad just had that little headstone that kept sinking into the ground with all the crab grass growing over it. A monument, with the family name, is a fitting tribute to a great mom and dad who raised eight beautiful children. That’s right, I said beautiful. (i do look pretty great today)

Oh and my sister is going to be a grandma. It’s a boy! They found out yesterday. Of course it’s going to be a beautiful child. Yep, that’s us…The humble family. Have a Happy Tuesday!!

Going to take my first shot at seriously enjoying the summer. All the house guests are gone and it’s going to be the hottest day of the year. I’m expecting to look like a lobster by days end. Get out the cocktail sauce!!

Today I was proud and honored to be with my family as we watched our beautiful mother be laid to rest next to my father, forever. A beautiful love story that now has a happy ending!

  On Friday night, my mom went to heaven to be with my dad. (They have been apart for 46 years.) She was 92 years old and was SO ready to go be with him. I cry because she’s gone, but I’m so glad that she went. We cared for her, the last 7 weeks of her life, in the home she grew up in and raised her 8 children. She has lived in that house for 90 years of her life and that is where she took her last breath. We were all there surrounding her bed as she left for a far better place. I am honored to have been one of her caregivers and I can honestly tell you that I couldn’t have done a better job. I learned more about that lovely lady in these last few weeks than I did in my whole lifetime. I’m proud and honored that I was allowed to be present for her transition to the great beyond. Alice was one hell of a woman and I will love her forever and always.

My mom, she’s an angel up in Heaven now. I will love and miss her forever. Shes dancing with my daddy right this very moment!!

Still taking care of mom. She is very frail and will only take water. I don’t think it will be long, but who really knows. We have her on morphine. She is the cutest thing ever!!

Miss you guys. Have a great week!

If I’ve learned anything, these past few days of hanging out with my brothers and sisters, …it’s that I don’t know anything.

We called in Hospice 2 days ago. I think it’s going to be a long summer! But, hey, what do I know??!

All together now.. “YOU. DON’T. KNOW. ANYTHING!”

Just a quick stop in to say hello to all my favorite people!

We continue to care for my mom. She is slowly dwindling away, ..getting weaker every day. She told me she just wants to go to sleep and not wake up. I want that for her too. I’ve asked my dad (who is up in heaven) to please come and get her. I hope he does that soon. I have been over at her house 19 of the last 25 days. Today I’m taking a break. Might go golfing. Might just lounge by the pool. Whatever I do, I know I won’t be able to get her off my mind.

Hope all is good with the rest of you!! Hope the birthday people have had the happiest of birthdays, the moving people have good moves, the newlyweds are still blissfully happy and everyone else is either drinking a rum runner on the poop deck or in their own backyards. Love ya and miss ya! See ya next time…

Those extra two hours of beauty sleep? Totally worth it. I’m gorgeous! Somebody call Donald Trump, ..they’ve crowned the wrong Miss America!!!


I’m never up this early. NEVER. I remember a long time ago, when I had a job, B.C. (before children), and I still wasn’t up this early. I don’t like early. It’s dark, rainy, and I hit my toe on a laundry basket. Who left that there?! Probly some morning person! Some morning person who is sitting in a chair, smiling, drinking coffee, waiting for the early bird to get his worm.

Have fun morning people! I’m climbing back in bed.